Endowment Fund

How it works...

A committee appointed by the Athletic Director and donors will be maintained to oversee distribution of funds of the Pirate Athletic Fund.

These funds may be used to:

• Provide financial assistance to athletics through scholarships.
• Recognize current or former outstanding athletes.
• Support any aspect of the Independence Community College Pirate Athletic Fund as determined by the committee of the Athletic Hall of Fame.


Foundation & Athletic Endowment Fund FAQs

Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?

Absolutely! Many donors contribute funds to honor a loved one or a special individual. If you would like to make your gift in honor or memory of another person - or if you wish to give in another’s name - just let us know the details. ICCF will notify the family or person of any gifts made in tribute unless the donor requests anonymity. ICCF is happy to carry out your wishes.

What is an endowment?

Donors may establish an endowment fund to ensure a gifts long-lasting impact for ICC, only the income earned from investments may be disbursed. Since an endowments principal is never spent, your gift continues in perpetuity. The invested and managed by the ICCF Finance Committee.

How do I get a tax credit for my charitable donation?

ICCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donors receive a gift receipt for tax preparations. Please consult your tax attorney or financial advisor to determine instructions and proper tax credits available for your gift.

Is there someone with whom I can discuss my interest in giving to the ICC Foundation?

ICCF works closely with donors to unite donors and ICC scholarship needs and priorities. Please contact the ICC Foundation office at (620) 331-2480.

Or by mail at:

ICC Foundation
P.O. Box 218
111 W. Myrtle
Independence, KS 67301